Sunday, May 6, 2018

Letter to Sierra Sentinel: Lisa Muetterties wants power

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

    I've been following your articles on the District 3 election, including the so-called Town Hall meeting that current Supervisor Oliveira and Lisa Muetterties held.

   It's perfectly obvious to anyone paying attention that Lisa Muetterties has one concern and one concern only; to keep POWER for herself.  I remember well that it seemed her other husbands would not allow her to control them.

    It isn't just my opinion that she already controls her current little husband Timmy the Worm (as he is called by many who know him), but she wants or needs more power, more than her guns can give her. (Yes, I said GUNS!)

   This meeting was, in my opinion, her attempt to show Callaway, who many feel may win her seat back, that SHE can remain her Planning Director!  What else could it be?

   She and Ellis controlled the meeting. Ellis, I feel, is just another blowhard Oliveira and thank goodness he was not elected when he ran for Supe.  And Muetterties allowed him to go on and on.

   I think I should have been paying more attention to the Oliveira bunch earlier. I did not know how truly evil they are.  Now its time to vote again. 

   Both, as the Sentinel has pointed out, are corrupt. So now its the least of the evils.  I'm even thinking of Langan.  Don't know yet.

   Sorry to run this so long. No name please. Thanks!

    Forest Meadows resident


Anonymous said...

Surprised you allow a possible pro-langan letter in. We have three choices as i see it:
Oliveira, who is anti-business, pro-cannabis, pro-clear-cuts and pro-Trump and pro-racists
Callaway, who is anti-business, pro-cannabis, pro-clear-cuts and anti-racism and Trump
Langan, who refuses to say if he is Pro-Trump, which means he IS pro-trump and racist, but ashamed, claims to be the pro-business and job, but anti-cannabis candidate.
I agree with the person who said we have THREE bad candidates

Anonymous said...

Well, she wanted more power and she got it cause olivera is so dumb. I hear she leads him around by the nose.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of people asking me if I wrote the letter. Just because i'm one of her many exes doesn't mean I wrote it. so shut up. go fin one of her others.

Anonymous said...

Don't know the woman personally, but have seen her huddling with a weird looking guy at a meeting. Does she fool around a lot?

Anonymous said...

Hey, can't we leave sex out of this?

Anonymous said...

How many exes does she have??