Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Neighbor arrested for planning to torch neighbors home

Our old fence on the right. Our land everything this side on
the left. Big and small trees cut. What disgusting people
they are.  
   A reader concerned about the vandalism to our property by new residents on Blue Jay in Hathaway Pines, wanted us to see how much worse it can get. 

   A neighbor in Sonora
reported her neighbor for vandalism and then found out there were plans or threats to torch her home, not just vandalize and they were arrested.

   Since the Sierra Sentinel has reported to the Sheriff every time we get a threat like this, whether to burn down our home, blow up our home with us in it, rape me while my husband watches and to cut down ALL of our trees, we appreciate your notice, but DiBasilio likes these people.

   Because we are anti-TRUMP, anti-racism, anti-dirty cop, anti-gun violence and will not allow any known racists to post comments or letters here, we get threats from them.

   We can assure you that the current Sheriff DiBasilio has been notified of the vandalism by the Pinnells employee and he has not arrested anyone.

   This Sheriff, unfortunately, thinks racists, like Mike Preston (who threatened President Obama in a public place) and dirty cops are wonderful.  None of them are in jail!!!

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