Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Postal system on the chopping block?

   Trump has ordered a complete investigation into the US Postal Service and we have to agree, that it is about time!  We are tired of watching postal employees campaigning all the time!

   Our personal experience with the alcoholic, mental depraved and simply lazy and rude postal workers (APWU) plus their inability to run it like a business, has proved to us that it needs revamping.

  We have encouraged for years that the postal service needs to be privatized. It has NO competition for stamps and they refuse to deliver in our rural area, which means we must endure their rude and incompetent behavior regularly.

   This may be the ONLY thing we agree with Trump on; PRIVATIZE the Postal Service!! Get them out of the campaign business!  The APWU is the worst as it encourages politicization of the post office, making it a miserable place to deal with. 

  We can tell them one thing; do not allow the Inspector Generals at that agency to handle  any of the investigation. Get outsiders to go in and clean it out!! We have seen corruption and APWU control even at the IG level.

   It's time they stop allowing the lowlife creeps and those who belong on full disability, especially the PTSD's to be protected!!


Anonymous said...

Did you see one of their ads it says your grandchildren won't get their Christmas presents if it is privatized? Are they kidding. I send my gifts UPS because the PO is so incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Time Jeff Bezos bought USPS and run it like a well oiled machine like Amazon! And I quit sending Christmas presents years ago. Send money if it really matters to you!