Friday, May 18, 2018

Supervisor Oliveira becomes a Democrat....

The newest Democrat in
Calaveras County!
Michael Oliveira,
congratulations! You saw
the light???
   We were somewhat shocked to hear that Calaveras District 3 Supervisor Oliveira received the endorsement of the SEIU
local of county employees.

   We always thought he was really a Democrat, giving employees big raises every year and not
caring about the budget.  We have been told that he's trying to keep it a secret. 

  The SEIU chose him over longtime Democrat Callaway in this primary election.  That makes it clear that he is much more liberal that Callaway is.

   We have been told that he plans more big raises for employees and that is why they backed him.

    With the county budget in question due to all the lawsuits, taxpayers should be worried about another liberal supervisor.


Anonymous said...

Callaway is a class act. When she says non-partisan, she absolutely means it. Doesn't take endorsements from Democrats or Republicans. He's a goof and a liar.

Anonymous said...

Callaway not even close to a class act. What did she do for Arnold during her 20 year tenure? Put in a pot shop, got the golf course closed and keep PD which fueled her anti-growth policies. Really, what did she or Olivera do for Arnold??? More reason to vote Ed Langan!

Anonymous said...

She's not responsible for the fact the businesses are cheap and don't want to pay or the fact that there are like 5 furniture and accessory stores in Arnold. It's not the Supervisor's responsibility to bring new business. PS-Langan isn't going to win just so you know.