Sunday, May 6, 2018

Supervisor Oliveira, Callaway, Langan deny ....

   Supervisor Oliveira has now claimed he has absolutely no ties or relationship with either the weirdo Alt-Right BANSTER
 Bill McManus or his best buddy and racist Michael Preston (the man reported to the Secret Service and FBI).

   Oliveira claims he now realizes his mistake in allowing the two to work on his past campaign and using them to harass people who do not support him; especially those dirty cops from the last election.

   Can you believe what Oliveira says?  He also told us that those two Alt-Righters were now part of helping Langan with his campaign.  Langan, obviously embarrassed, has also denied having anything to do with either of them.

   Hmmmmm........Which one, if either of them, can we trust????

   Then there is Callaway, who denied having any type of friendship with Graham Green. Then it was reported that she is actually even FACEBOOK friends with him.
              Green is the one involved with Murphys Creek Theater, where people are asking where the million dollars is that was granted per Dixon Collins to completely rebuild the Black Bart Playhouse.

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