Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Supervisor Oliveira sends out DEFENSIVE notice! TWO BARS????

Two bars are better than one bar, huh??
  UPDATE:  We just received confirmation from Supervisor Oliveira that he DID write and send the long letter we received.

   He states that he is at a CSAC conference in Sacramento and sent it from there.
   We had asked Supervisor Oliveira to comment on an anonymous piece of information we received about he and Alice
Montgomery, etc.

   We just received from him a long dissertation about starting two BARS in Ebbetts Pass and this was a very DEFENSIVE letter he sent claiming he is pro-business.

   He also states that he supports law enforcement and keeps giving them more money every year. It doesn't help, and they must be using it to cut down pot plants instead of protecting us from the
dangerous racists and thieves.

   He denied taking money from a pot farm in Galt, and bragged that he is on 14 county committees. The problem Mr. Oliveira has is that he can't get along with the rank and file WORKING and BUSINESS people in D3.

   Anyway, these were some of the answers of what he has been doing for the past 3 1/2 years. We would like to know who actually wrote this article for him.

    It sounds desperate and mentions some political flyer that is going out against him.  We have asked him to call and verify that this was his intention to sent this letter out to voters but have not yet received a reply.

   As far as Alice Montgomery goes, he admits that she is a counsel and big donor of his, but does not mention her entanglements with a racist, Mike Preston..

   He also does not mention Moose-Gate, the one-way bridge that cannot be plowed on Blagen Road.  We are well aware that he has lost support due to his inability to handle that and the Murphys Street Bridge.

   Oliveira ends the letter asking for our vote!  He says that Langan lied when he says that Arnold looks worse than ever!  NO, Oliveira!  Langan is telling the truth!  Vacant buildings, run down properties, vacant land for sale, overgrown with vegetation, right on Hwy 4.

   You need to spend more time in Arnold, and less time in Danville, Mr. Oliveira and perhaps you would understand the real problems you are NOT taking care of.



Anonymous said...

Haven't received the letter, but he is scared. all his committee really cares about is racism and guns.

Anonymous said...

I receive this crazy long ranting letter rom him an also not sure why he'd send it out. Makes him look really desperate and low class. He must be listening to the D3 residents finally an is not happy about what he's hearing! He has a very small cult following up here....and all they do for him is create more problems lol! Meanwhile...Merita seems to be running a very classy and upstanding campaign. Haven't heard her bad mouth either of her opponents! Vote wisely D3! Cops shouldn't supervisor anything but themselves!

Anonymous said...

Post the letter so we have transparency. However you spin it, Olivera is a bad seed for Arnold and needs to go back to Danville where is liked! And Langen is right, Arnold has become rundown with the dilapidated buildings in downtown and Olivera hasn't done a damn thing to improve it in 4 years and Callaway didn't do anything to improve it in 20 years! VOTE LANGEN

Anonymous said...

What would either do to improve vacant buildings? Stupid comments! It takes willing people to lease these buildings and create business that will support the effort. People will need to purchase goods or services from these business owners. Not going to happen and no supervisor can wave a magic wand and change the economic situation in little Arnold. At least a bridge was put in. No money, no action. Langan is just a puppet for Dennis Mills, who will soon be unemployed.

Anonymous said...

i'm so sick of oliveira. The Ed guy has no clue either.

Anonymous said...

Another one was sent out today

Anonymous said...

This is totally hilarious. Oliveira says all his friends like bars and so does he so 2 bars are a great addition to the district. lol, lol