Tuesday, May 22, 2018

This is the MOST important election of our LIFETIME!

The pinochio in chief is destroying our country
   If Democrats don't get rid of the filth, the smelly swamp that is Trumpianity, we can easily slip into another Russia, where an authoritarian regime runs everything. That is what Trump wants!

   Is that what you want? Every day we lose a little more of our Democracy, less press coverage, insults to our law enforcement and outright treasonous behavior by the man in the White House.

   The only opportunity we have to put some control on this onslauht to our lives, is to VOTE in this
primary and fall election. Democrats need to take over the house to save us.

     VOTE out ALL Republicans. We have to clean house and bring our country back. We can make it GREAT AGAIN.  Trump is destroying it!

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