Sunday, May 20, 2018

Trump and FOX make up such NONSENSE about FBI

   The most ridiculous insanities have been made up by Trump and his henchmen at FOXY lately.

  Now they are trying to make us believe that Obama wanted to imbed an FBI spy in the Trump campaign to find out things bad about Trump.

   Get a clue, Trump!  The FBI suspected you were doing treasonous things involving  Russia and other and got an informant to fin out!  SURPRISE!  You WERE doing just treasonous things they suspected.

   No amount of storytelling will help you, Trumpy. Lies won't help you hide what the FBI found out.


Anonymous said...

Anything to deflect attention from HIM and then blame someone else. Classic!!

Anonymous said...

Now I really believe that this was treason. He creates his own problems and then lies, lies, lies.

Anonymous said...

How ignorant would someone have to be to believe that sh**?