Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What does Oliveira's Planned Development cause???

Yep! This is what Oliveira likes! And Mr. Camacho
and Merita Callaway too!!
    Although a vote was taken by residents at a town hall meeting to rescind the Planned Development in Arnold, current Supervisor Oliveira, ordered Lisa
Muetterties (his planning commissioner) and Peter Maurer (county planning director) to form a committee to make design decisions on every business and resident.

   That includes everything to do with YOUR land. They will never own it but want to tell you what color you can paint your property.  Is that insane or what?

   Now we see all over the district, large ugly container trucks being unloaded onto property to use instead of building or remodeling with Oliveira's Planned Development!

   These are giant METAL boxes that used to be piggybacks on big trucks.  Is this what you want, Mr. Camacho, when you stated you want to choose the color of everyone's buildings?

   We encourage every business to have these giant ugly containers hauled in, just so Mr. Camacho and Ellis and that funny architect who support Callaway and Oliveira will be perfectly happy.

   Congratulations!!!  Thank you Oliveira and Callaway!!  They make Langan look good!!


Anonymous said...

You should call the owners of the Black Bear Inn and they will tell you all about Oliveira and his little buddies the Muetterties. They did everything they could to shut down the parking rights on the street in front of their property!

Mike Oliveira is literally acting like a NY Mobster up here in Arnold. He does anything he can for his friends, even if it effects one of the most successful businesses in town, even it it's illegal.

He comes from the most corrupt police force in America and we think he will be any different!? The man is a shake down artist and is the worst thing that has happened to Arnold in years!

Anonymous said...

In response to the first commentator: Are you for or against the commercial cannabis ban?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think it's a conflict of interest if Timmy Mutterties is the Assessor and his wife being the Planning Commissioner? What a trio that would make with Mike O if he is re-elected. Lord help us all.

Anonymous said...

I am NOT for the commercial cannabis ban, Alice.

Anonymous said...

I heard about two places. going to check. can't believe olivera is so stupid!