Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Who brags that the Calaveras Sheriff is too STUPID to catch them??

   There are more than a couple of criminals in Ebbetts Pass who brag that the Calaveras Sheriff is too stupid to catch them.

   Racist and violent, these criminals are far
worse than the common thieves and drug users. These are DiAngelo types.

   A DiAngelo type is someone who has some training in how to get away with crimes, as DiAngelo
did for 40 years.  The lowest of the low. Someone has to bring them down.

   These are criminals who don't just hate minorities. They hate anyone who writes against racism, their first love.  Calaveras has a disease and it is these scumbags. 

  One woman and 4 men; the same ones as were reported and supposedly being followed before. They will never stop.

    They are sick to the core, rotten with bitterness because they were too lazy to make anything of themselves; broke laws; hurt people and got FIRED, over and over again.

   Some of them have always been alcoholics or have PTSD without treatment; run loose and should be locked up to prevent them from hurting anyone else.


Anonymous said...

Probably the same one who destroyed the business of a nice coffee shop. A sick BT.

Anonymous said...

I know who that freak is. I know who that freak is. He really did cause its demise. crazy, racist, freak.

Anonymous said...

Canky rock crankster gangsters. Some do something to stop the crime.

Anonymous said...

I only know one. The same one we all heard threaten President Obama, saw him pull his fingers out and point them at the TV and say, "Shoot the Ni****!"

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that after hearing all about this continuing, I paid attention. I saw a BAKER, and a STINKER in red parked together, up to something. So, tell us what it is. You know I can't stand either of them. Anonymous, right?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet yu nearly anything that one of them is related to the old Nazi family who used to steal meat cause the ol man was too lazy to work and was a jail bird/1