Sunday, July 1, 2018

Justice Kennedy resigns WHY???? Trump Cult!!

   Very interesting information has been leaked to the press about the so-called voluntary retirement of Justice Kennedy from the Supreme Court.

   Seems Trump actually demanded it, using information he has on Kennedy's son, who is a banker who loaned millions to Trump over the years.

   The dirty blackmail is apparently on, since Trump wants to appoint another justice before he fears the Democrats may take over the Senate in November.

   With the Mueller investigation coming closer and closer, he feels he has to try and pack the bench in his favor as soon as possible.

  Nothing, not even the Supreme Court, is immune from the criminal behavior of this Trump Cult!! What kind of dirt does Trump have on Kennedy's son?? Are you sick to your stomach yet?

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Anonymous said...

Threre's another reason. he wants to make sure he gets justices who sill support him if he goes on trial. nothing honorable about the supreme court anymore.