Monday, July 2, 2018

Phony survey on TOT Tax

   Al Segalla pays attention and attends most all Calaveras Supervisor meetings. We do not always agree with his opinion but at the July 26, 2018 meeting we have to commend him.

  We were also given the so-called TOT Tax Survey, prepared by some company and costing the county around $25 grand.

  We had told the CAO Lutz what a phony and brainwashing type of survey? it was and how it should not be used. We made a loud complaint.  Lutz did NOTHING!

  Al Segalla came to the podium and stated that the TOT Tax Survey was a phony, used only to influence the voters to vote for the TOT and he was 100% correct!

   We commend Segalla for making this public in front of the Supervisors.  Of course, it did not change anything. They, along with Lutz, bought it HOOK, LINE and SINKER, at the Taxpayers expense and the voters demise!!! 

  Thank you Al Segalla!!!

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Anonymous said...

So easy to see how it was rigged for supervisor side. Probably Mills put it together. He also stated he didn't care if he is recalled because he is from the south side of chitcago. Liar