Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Trump plans Internment camps for all Hispanics--just like Japanese

   All space at military bases and other available federal land are being converted by Trump to place Hispanics who cross the border now, but eventually all Hispanics in detention
for the protection of his "deplorables".

   Just like in WWII, the internment camps, which were totally illegal and racially motivated, has now moved to the Mexican border and any immigrants from South and Central America.

   "We have to protect OUR people from THOSE people", said Trump.  Actually we need someone to protect all of us from TRUMP!! 

   LOCK HIM UP!  Impeach the PEACH!   Impeach 45!  Where are those shirts?  We need them now!


Anonymous said...

Well, he is a family of nazie, so what do you expect!

Anonymous said...

Actually, families were interned together in camps like Manzanar in the Owens Valley. What Trump is doing, separating children from their families might be morally worse.