Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Comment from Candyrock Terrorist? Oliveira and DiBasilio??

  We got an anonymous comment from someone who apparently disliked the article about Candyrock Terrorists. It cannot be posted in full, but we will give excerpts.

    "Well if they are under watch post some video. ....Do not care if I am. Nothing to hide."

   How many of them are there, actually?  We have heard all kinds of stories about trying to start a local kkk, infighting among their women, being stifled by government officials, etc.

   The main fact we know, is that at least two males and I female are violent, criminal racists. We are aware that they have been reported and that one of them has apparently worked hard to get organized as the Candyrock Terrorist and Gay Porn, Dirty Cop and Gun Thug Club!

   These are the kind of people who support Oliveira and DiBasilio!  How disgusting is that?


Anonymous said...

There's a rumor going around that some have seen a video of a fat guy and two dogs that's pretty hilarious. Would you be able to post that?

Anonymous said...

Does that idiot realize he is admitting to being a Candyrock Terrorist?