Sunday, September 16, 2018

Tofanelli is a GERRYMANDERER?

  Everyone was aware when Tom Tryon, one time Supervisor of District 4 gerrymandered his district to get rid of Joe (his nemesis) on Poole Station Road.

   But did you know that when Tofanelli was involved with redistricting in 2010-11, he was guilty of the same thing, or worse.

     A citizens committee was formed to equally and judicially draw the Supervisor districts after the 2010 Census so they would be fair by population

   Paloma was in the heart of Tofanelli's district and he FEARED having to run against Garamendi, so he apparently moved the lines without public input or notice.

   Tofanelli is really very fearful of running against Garamendi, we are told, and no wonder why!


Anonymous said...

Why should he be any different from the other corrupt nuts

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories!