Sunday, September 16, 2018

Dear Neighbors: This is me....

   Dear Neighbors:

    This is me, you know, your now deceased local mail clerk.  I'm the one, I admit, who drinks so much I write late night letters
on social sites, lying about my neighbors (they aren't really next door).

   When I'm drunk I'm not even sure where I live, but I write garbage anyway to get even for them not
approving of the PTSD's and other drunks like me handling their mail (oh, how I miss checking out all the secrets inside those envelopes).

    And jus to let everyone know, when I'm not a drunken PTSD er, I find a place to hang out with my bestest new friend, the PIG of the county!

   I don't miss being a mail clerk, but (hehe) I do miss that fat paycheck. They forced me to retire, you could say, so that I could devote more of my time to drinking and hurting others. So kind of management.

   So don't make fun of me, and don't forget your local postal, cause I haunt each and every one of you (not kidding either) You all used me!  Just to get your mail!  Disgusting!


   Your friendly neighborhood drunken postal. Farewell forever!


Anonymous said...

No big news. everyone knew he was a drunk for years. didn't know he died. no loss.

Anonymous said...

So I drink a little. try stayin sober in a boring job like letters ans mail