Friday, October 11, 2019

Governor Newsome angry: PG&E neglectful and totally mismanaged

   After being informed of the massive power outages inflicted by PG&E on Tuesday, Governor Newsome become angry, blaming PG&E.

  He said the years of neglect and total mismanagement of the utility has caused 800,000+ residents to be without power.


Anonymous said...

Completely correct - great idea in principle to shut off in high winds (which we did not have) but must get it back on much faster. We were lucky in Sonora, Angels, Murphys, and Arnold. Many were not and still out.

Anonymous said...

SO! This is what corporations and government do! Get with the program dumb ass nuesome! Address the homeless pop! Why is their a billion dollar military budget when there is such a massive homeless problem! Both GOP and Dems haven't a clue in their cushy jobs at 200k a year! Stupidest country in the world!