Sunday, October 20, 2019

Pi**ing off the crazy racist RIGHT? G-7 cancelled???

Nothing shows how mentally unstable
Trump is like watching him try to
screw our flag!
   The Sierra Sentinel is so happy when we truly upset the local RIGHT-WING crazies, the racist, thieving and dirty cops who read the website.

   Nothing can satisfy our desire
to eliminate Trump and his out-of-control thugs, gun nuts and bible thumping wierdos and criminals,
like their filthy comments.

   By the way, Trump realized the House will hold up any money for his G-7 at Doral and has now cancelled it. Ho Ho Ho! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Anonymous said...

I think the G7 has been moved to Camp David. Guess you missed that information.

Anonymous said...

thank you. luv the sierrasentinel