Friday, October 11, 2019

Backup generator finally installed in Copper

   CCWD spent til 3 AM this morning hooking up a backup generator to provide water to Copperopolis residents.

   Residents are still being asked to conserve water as they need to refill their tanks.


Anonymous said...

Now that's funny!! All these years and CCWD now installs a backup generator!
That's the first thing I added to the homes I lived in, cheap power insurance!
I hope the CCWD water users will ask, actually grille, those elected officials who are the chief operators, why there wasn't a generator in place from day one?
It will be interesting to watch the blame game. It will be a blame game gambit for the next CCWD election cycle.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you. I worked for a private water company for decades. We were always upgrading our facilities, sometimes a little at a time, but there was always something we would do. It all adds up over time. Permanent back up generators slowly went through our facilities the ones we considered the most important were dealt with first. We also had portable gas pumps that we could hook up at stations to pump water from a pumping station that had no power to the tank it was suppose to feed.
For what CCWD charges their consumers they sure seem to NOT be upgrading their system with much thought to what's important, especially in a crisis.
Thank goodness we don't have CCWD and I feel sad for those of you that do.