Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tofanelli and Mills go down fighting

   The two worst Supervisors on the Calaveras board stuck to their guns and voted down every single item, even background checks, angry that cannabis is becoming legalized.

   Fortunately, good sense prevailed in Stopper, Callaway and Garamendi, who laid out strict regulation, background checks and high fees for growers.


Anonymous said...

Toff may have qualities for a re election if he was up for it. Mills will be out voted and Amanda will take his seat

Anonymous said...

Why don't you report what really happens when dope and illegals invade?

Sheriff John D’Agostini said at a news conference in Placerville Thursday that Ross had been in a marijuana-growing operation with two Mexican citizens and that he falsely reported to 911 that the men were stealing his marijuana, a move that the sheriff said directly led to Ishmael’s death.

The owner of the grow, Christopher Garry Ross, has been arrested for involuntary manslaughter. Authorities say he phoned in a false report of men stealing his plants, when really they were his workers and he was having a financial dispute with them.

The shooter is hospitalized, his name is Juan Carlos Vasquez Orozco. His accomplice is Ramiro Bravo Morales. Both are 'Mexican Nationals' per the Sacbee, which probably means illegal aliens if we're being real about it.

Another good man dies because of a dirty, stinking, dope grower and his field hands