Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We must disagree with Ellen DeGeneres

   Ellen DeGeneres was criticized for being a friend of George Bush, Jr., sitting beside and laughing with him as if he was accepting of her and gay marriage.

   She defended herself, saying
we should all be friends with those who oppose acceptance of everyone. 

   What you really do when you become friendly with them is to make them feel empowered to continue their evil beliefs. You do not change them.

   Therefore, we are against her ideas of being friends and think it is a dangerous position for those who fought George Bush, Trump, and others' extremist hateful policies.

   For those of us who know personally from experience, we can tell you that feeling sorry for them because they have been fired or have no money is a big mistake. 

    They never learn from their behavior and will steal, trespass, damage your property and show themselves for the truly evil people that they are.

Nazi's are not nice; not ever, and will never change!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Bush killed 5,000 Marines, crashed the economy causing a millions of foreclosures and massive unemployment! How quick everyone forgets! Thanks Ellen. Hate YOU, commmy Jane!