Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Swallows not welcome at Meadowmont

   Even though the recent painters were warned by Fish and Wildlife not to bother the swallows who return year after
year to Meadowmont Shopping Center in Arnold, a disturbing sight has been reported.

   A man was seen destroying all the little nests along the eaves above the sidewalks, where the little swallows lay their eggs and raise their babies year after year.

   We are told that Fish and Wildlife doesn't care once the babies leave the nests, that the property owners can destroy their nests and prevent them ever returning.

   This is so sad, as residents enjoy watching, taking photos and welcome the swallows each year. Seems the birds and other wildlife have less and less space to live.



Anonymous said...

All the babies will come back (parents,too) next year and build new nests.

Anonymous said...

Hear that they hate birds, the owners, that is! Poor little things!