Saturday, January 4, 2020

Why NOW???

  Finally, after two days of talk about Trump ordering the murder of an Iranian general, we are talking about WHY NOW!

   Only because this morning one of the hosts at MSNBC asked the question and answered it with
"Because Trump wants to change the discussion from his impeachment, that's why!" 

   Does this remind use that he once proclaimed that President Obama would go to war with Iran to get him re-elected?  (Trump always projects his own ideas onto someone else.)

   Do we have to be reminded that Trump LIES about everything every day?

   Can we forget that he NEVER believes anything his 'intelligence" people bring to him?  But now he does? 

   So, why now?  Because it's convenient for Trump and for no other reason!!   Thank you MSNBC for bringing us honesty and honor!

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Anonymous said...

This is all so true. He's got to be removed.