Sunday, January 19, 2020

Dear Editor: Don't know who to vote for

     Dear Editor:

      I am a registered Democrat, watching the Democratic campaigners and I still do not
know who I will vote for in the primary.

    I don't even really care who wins the primary at the national level.  All I care about is that we can't have Trump in the White House another 4 years.

   Thank you for listening, and keeping me anonymous. I'm terrified of these racist Trumpers in our area.

   Arnold resident


Anonymous said...

When it becomes more clear who the "front runner" is (it is too early now to determine), vote for that candidate since that one will be most likely to win over this horrible example of a president we currently have.

Anonymous said...

Dear Arnold resident. It’s pretty simple. All you say you care about is making sure Trump is not re-elected. Thus you should vote for the candidate you feel is most likely to beat Trump.

Personally, I’m voting for Bernie. He’s the only one that has been consistent for many decades.

Anonymous said...

I agreewithyou

Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure before. Got roped into trump last time. Now I know. Any body but that scum.