Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Supervisor Mills assassinates his own character????

   At the Tuesday January 14, 2020 Calaveras Supervisor meeting people stood up during Public Comment and stated facts they said they found out about Supervisor Mills false
representations and statements.

   Vickie Reinke immediately came BACK tot he podium and insisted Mills was being character assassinated.  Mills was absent, most likely because he knew he had no chance of getting elected as chair, which he wants.

   One of the statements was about Mills being behind the lawsuit against the county. In fact, the new chair Callaway announced that Mills was at the courthouse as a witness in a court case.


Anonymous said...

Mills is even a worse supe that olivera was. We in D4 need someone better.

Anonymous said...

We all need to vote for Amanda Folendorf!

Anonymous said...

What an idiot! Deficit Dennis votes to not let the county spend funds collected for Cannabis registration, His website directs people to donate to the lawsuit against the county he works for. Vote this misguided bankrupt liar out asap. Amanda to the rescue!