Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Vicious man wants all bears killed because of his fear?

   As most of us know, Black Bears are hungry and mostly harmless critters who wander around THEIR forests in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of

   They sometimes don't even hibernate, as a resident told us they just saw the well-known mama bear
and her three cubs near Hwy 4 in Arnold a day or so ago.

   Most residents love the bears and live in harmony alongside them, taking photos and watching the little ones grow up.

  Lake Tahoe is another area where they love their bears and in fact, have what is called the Bear League to protect them from killers.

   One man in Lake Tahoe was annoyed by them, and took out a permit to have it killed. After the bear was killed, the community reacted as expected.

   He was telephoned, e-mailed and told in person just what the other residents thought of him. Now the man wants something done about the residents.

   We are on the side of the bears.  We have some crazy people who are fearful of these beautiful creatures here in Ebbetts Pass too.

   They truly need psychiatric treatment!

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