Thursday, January 16, 2020

Rachel Maddows unbelievable interview

   Revelations from the interview Rachel Maddow had with Trump and Giuliani's friend Lev Parnas last night were astounding.

   Parnas stated that he was working with Giuliani, Trump, Pence,
Mulvaney and Barr, to pressure Ukraine into announcing an investigation into Biden.

   He also was asked about his repeated text messages with a man named Hyde, who was apparently following Ambassador Yovanovich illegally, but tried to say he was not implicated in that.

   Parnas has now offered to testify before the Senate trial and turned over a letter from Giuliani to Ukraine, saying he was working for the private business of Donald J. Trump, not the government.

  Trump has stated that he has no idea who Parnas is, but Parnas had several photos of him with Trump and hung out at the Trump Hotel bar.

    The bar is Star Wars like, according to Parnas, with all kinds of wierdos wanting to get close to Trump. 

   Parnas also exposed Devon Nunes, who had denied receiving phone calls from him. How could Nunes be running the House investigation and be a part of the gang involved?

  Every day something more incriminating comes out. What next?

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