Friday, January 24, 2020

PG&E is at fault--Complain at the CPUC

  There is no question that the fires causing the most damage in California have been the fault
of PG&E's negligence.

   Even though they were paid billions to bury their cables, they intentionally diverted the money and allow their equipment to cause fires in many areas.

  Now they have convinced the government that the only answer to the problem is to clear-cut private property owners for the length of any tree that might reach their overhead lines?

   Are our elected officials that stupid?  Meanwhile, they are passing out bonuses and get a price increase from the PUC because they are guaranteed a large profit.

   Do they then hire two-bit companies to run their tree cutting, making us pay with our utility bills?  Is something wrong here?

   If you have a complaint, be sure to file it online at the CPUC website.

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