Friday, November 2, 2012

Sheriff Kuntz Denies...

   When we saw that the Sheriff's Department was listed at getting 2% of the proposed TOT tax increase proposal, we contacted Sheriff Kuntz immediately.

     The Sheriff denies
that he ever agreed to be a party to this so-called campaign to get a ballot initiative to increase the Transient Occupancy Tax in Calaveras County.

   Sheriff Kuntz stated that someone asked him some time ago if he would be a party to it to help them get it passed, but he never agreed to any increase.

    Apparently, the Sheriff does receive 2% of the present amount of TOT, but listing him as a proponent of the increase was possibly intentional to make people think the Sheriff is in favor of the increase.

   What other false statements are these people making, spearheaded by Pat McGreevy, Steve Wilensky and Merita Callaway in order to get money for their favorite non-profits?

  Is there no end to what some of these elected Supervisors and their campaign friends will do to get what they want and their friends elected???

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Anonymous said...

Actually the Sherrifs department was proudly mentioned as a beneficiary of this T.O.T. increase by Harry Reid, oops! I meant by Pat McGreevy, at the Candidates forum last night. It appears the Sherrif has been recruited like it or not! However, one of the Candidates pointed out that CBC's math is wrong and that in the T.O.T. allocation figures the Sherrif's department does NOT actually receive any more T.O.T. revenue. Apparently CBC is confused as regards the existing 6% TOT versus the proposed 4% increase versus the combined 10%