Saturday, November 17, 2012

Supervisor Spellman Fails to Lead

   From the very beginning, once many people helped him get elected, Supervisor Spellman began behaving badly.

   Making them search for a BIBLE
so he could take his oath of office should have given all of us the clue that he was a little off his button. (or extremely fringe religious).

   From then on, it only got worse, and he never acted on behalf of, nor would he accept advice from those with good sense or knowledge of politics.

   He has made a fool of himself over and over again. He will never be a leader and should most likely be working for McDonalds.

   We hear he likes their food and he dresses so neatly, we're sure they would hire him.

   But as for us, we need a leader in District 5, not someone who dresses like a penguin and squawks like a goony bird!


Anonymous said...

he chases his tail real good, though!

Anonymous said...

that guy fails at everything. now we know why.