Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Letter to the Editor .....About Republicans and Womens rights

   Dear Editor:

   Women of America, Heads UP!!  The Republicans in the House of Representative keep writing and passing laws against women's rights to choose their reporoduction. The Senate will NEVER pass it, but the Republicans keep trying and wasting time anyway.

   Not just in the Federal goverment, but across America the radical religious right-wing, who control the Republican Party are trying to "put women back in their place-where they belong."

   If you think it isn't important how you vote here locally or if you vote at all, think again. Do you know who the local elected officials are here in Calaveras County who agree with those radical  Republicans?

   Supervisor Darren Spellman is one of those who everyone knows is a religious conservative, which means he believes women should not be able to choose what is right for them. In fact, right now he is in Utah, where his church is centered, I read.

   He is also one of those who is trying to get people in higher places to think he's wonderful and get a political office where he could influence laws to that effect.

   To my fellow women, we need to get rid of Supervisor Spellman in my district and make sure we don't elect people who are biased against womens rights.

   So I want to encourage all women to make sure you vote, make sure you ask questions, and never let things happen that you may, or your children may, live to regret.

   Thank you so much for listening.    D in Rancho Calaveras



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