Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jeff Denham-R makes Republican enemies

   Rep. Jeff Denham has been a longtime Republican against the new high speed rail project, right?
Wrong? or Maybe? What?

   What Denham did was ask the Federal Transportation Agency to get involved to try and stop the funding of the train, or that's what he's saying now.

   What he actually did was get Kamala Harris and Governor Brown to support the Feds taking over the project control, which eliminates the CEQA demands.

   Now Denham is having to face his Republican colleagues like McClintock, who hate the idea of any jobs coming to their districts.

   This is totally in reverse of what is normally the Republicans saying Feds "keep your hands off" and Democrats wanting CEQA in order to delay or prevent projects.

    Sorry, Mr. Denham. But Mr. McClintock still loves you; just not quite as much!

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