Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter to the Editor:.....About Honesty in the Press

    Dear Sierra Sentinel Editor:

      Honesty in the press? Unbiased reporting? Is there really no such thing?

    It is no secret that the Sierra Sentinel has exposed many unpleasant truths about Calaveras County, whether about issues or elected officials.

    You have so far stayed clear of being paid off by the County and have not allowed threats by advertisers seeking to hide these truths to affect your expose's, whether about the City of Angels Camp or Calaveras County.

    So why are you not printing the truth about Lake Tulloch now? I know that you know the truth of what our elected officials have allowed to go on there for 30 years.

   And I'm not talking about commercial businesses they don't like, or the rental business. I'm talking about the WATER, clearly the most important feature of Copperopolis.

   How much longer before you print what you know, Sierra Sentinel? We love this website and the printed version before it went online because regardless of political party, you "out" the bad guys.

   We trust you to tell us what we need to know as voters in Calaveras County, so don't let us down now, please.

    D in Copperopolis


Anonymous said...

the issue will it does every time a leak is fixed. and ccwd and the county will go back to redrawing the general plan for the 19th time.

Anonymous said...

you're probably right. sad day for Calaveras county - no elected officials with the guts to care.