Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Letter to the Editor: About Angels Camp

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   Sorry this is a little late, but I had to make sure I would be anonymous in talking about the City of Angels Camp.

   Your article about the Angels City Administrator warning certain residents about taking their money away if they criticize them, was so RIGHT ON.

   What shocks me is that the citizens involved, the organizations involved and the voters of Angels Camp have not revolted.

   The worst kind of corruption is, in my opinion, not when corrupt government officials uses the pressure of taxpayer money against you, or to try and harm individual businesses to punish them for speaking out or exposing them.

   The truly worst corruption is when that organization, the individual businesses and the voters allow it to continue.  In Angels Camp I've watched that happen for many years.

   Get some guts voters of Angels Camp. I'm not gonna take it anymore. And this is the start of my speaking out. We need to get rid of Councilmen or women who not only are aware and allow it, but encourage it, to protect their next elections.

   We need to throw this whole bunch out, because they do know what is going on, and we need a new city administration, because unless we start over, nothing changes.

   And this is my opinion; thank you for listening and for having the courage to print the things you become aware of.

   Anonymous in Angels Camp, and a VOTER!


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this city?

Anonymous said...

the prob is that not enough people pay attention