Tuesday, October 20, 2015

You have a "Neighbor from Hell".....# 11..if shooting

    If you come home, go out to feed the birds, as usual, and find one dead pigeon, still warm, and another unable to fly due to a wounded wing, in your back yard...

   ......you have a violent, sick, vicious and evil "NEIGHBOR FROM HELL"!   Save the dead bird for EVIDENCE because of the shot in the body and REPORT it to the authorities.

    Estimate who could possibly see into your property and tell them.  Only one possibility?  Has it been reported before?  Is this person in jail?

   It is not only illegal to hunt on someone else's property, but illegal to SHOOT in a residential neighborhood!  Is this a terrorist act, to shoot up someone's property??? The federal authorities need to know.

    Is it related to the terrorist threat to shoot up the houses of those who refuse to move if they oppose CANDYROCK shooters and RACISTS?

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