Saturday, August 20, 2016

Meutterties on video hugging with racist?

  For those who were unfortunate enough to waste their time attending the campaign rally that Supervisor of District 3 Oliveira put on at Avery Middle School, he should apologize.

   There were no answers
to any questions about our dead trees, except to say we don't know and we're holding meetings, and no, we won't cut your trees down for free.

   The most interesting part of the meeting that was video-taped, however, was showing Lisa Meutterties practically hugging her and Oliveira's Tea Party buddy Michael Preston (you know, the one so many reported had threatened President Obama, saying "Shoot the N*****!!" in front of many witnesses.

    The tie between the Meutterties, Preston, Oliveria, the Strohmeyers (Patrick Strohmeyer being the CHP who was fired after being turned in by a fellow officer for beating up a young Hispanic male in the back seat of his patrol car and then lying to police about it), and McmAnus are well known, going back to Oliveira's election campaign. 

    Now we see that they are still at it, and the Meutterties must approve of Preston's racist threats to our President.

   What has happened to Ebbetts Pass, that racists and violent gun thugs appear to now be running District 3 and burying the citizens under extremist Tea Party trash. It's shameful!! It was nothing more than a campaign rally to try and help Oliveira get re-elected, when he has done absolutely NOTHING for residents!!

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