Friday, August 26, 2016

UPDATE on Calaveras Cannabis ordinances

  The CCA (Calaveras Cannabis Alliance) is warning commercial growers in Calaveras that under the Urgency Ordinance passed by Calaveras Supervisors deadlines are drawing near:

   By September 7, 2016 a copy of your current Calaveras County business license must be received by Planning. Pick up an application at the Tax Collectors office and take it to the Assessors' desk, fill out a form, pay a fee and then turn it in to Planning.

   You must also provide of copy of your California Seller's Permit to the Planning Department no later than September 7, 2016. California State Board of Equalization or sales tax authority.

    If the registrant is an entity, the exact name of the business as registered with the California Secretary of State must be received by the Planning Department no later than September 7, 2016.

   If you did not file a Water Quality Control Board Notice of Applicability by the June 30, 2016 deadline, you must submit one now, with the receipt, showing that you have been issued a permit by the WQCB. The deadline for this is also September 7, 2016.

   Per CCA, they are aware, as is the Planning Commission, that the WQCB is backed up and that as long as your Notice of Intent has been filed with the WQCB they will consider your file complete.

   They suggest that growers not let these small things keep them from being a legal Calaveras cannabis grower. 

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Anonymous said...

Here is a reality check. The Sheriff will no doubt have his deputies parked at all hours to stop the vehicles they forced growers to register and arrest them for carrying their product. This has already happened once this year to a registered grower who is now suing the county. Now that Mills is a voted in supervisor and is standing tall for the ban he will also reject the renewal of the urgency ordinance in February when he takes office. It is required that four votes be aye to renew. All a scam to entrap the growers and fleece them for the $5000. Stay vigilant growers! The cops are preparing to arrest as many as possible. FACT! They now know where you live, grow, and who you will sell too. SS# etc. These people are the real criminals