Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Letter to the Editor: America Exceptionalism???


   I don't get it about Trump. How the hell does a guy who should be tarred and feathered, if not hung, drawn and quartered, turn those who ought to hate him into rabid fans??

   For instance, check the means he used to amass much of his fortune, off the backs of those whose misery he caused, and who are now his supporters.

    He gets a pass underscored by an endorsement?  You probably know about his six bankruptcies and how he screwed all of his contractors out of what he owed them, even though he had the money to pay them.

   But the latest news story goes back to the eighties and how he used a corporate takeover tactic to 'legally' extort money from the corporations he was pretending (that's right, he was just pretending) to takeover.

   I didn't realize that he was the one  who forced Holiday Inn into bankruptcy, at a cost of thousands of jobs.

   His takeover scheme made him over 200 million dollars, but he did it in the slimiest way possible, short of breaking the law.

   In fact, I think what he was doing then is probably illegal now.  Believe this; there are a whole lot of white collar felons who've done a whole lot less damage than Trump.

   I know, I've met a lot of them at my present address.

   But here's a hoot for you.  There is a story circulating that Melania Trump's old modeling agency doubled as a high priced escort service.

   Woohoo!  Trump has made it no secret that he surrounds himself with only the best. 
   A man with solid gold bathroom fixtures deserves no less than the high priced in his bd...right???

   It's not very consoling to know that we're getting precisely what we dserve as a country with this election. 

   And Trump is going to make America Gr-r-reat again?? So much for American Exeptionalism.

   d.c.  (Dustin Costa, graduate of Calaveras High School, serving 15 years in Federal prison for growing marijuana)


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