Monday, August 29, 2016

New Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio already corrupt? Why???

   Why was District 3 Supervisor Oliveira so set on appointing this Sheriff DiBasilio, even though he was listed at the BOTTOM for qualifications?

   Why are there so many crimes
being committed with NO Calaveras Sheriff protection?

  Why is there a homeless encampment of 'tweakers' allowed on Murphys Creek behind Black Bart Theater, although it has been reported to us that deputies 'hang out there' with some of the women??

   Why is the Sheriff having their officers call victims to tell them the only way they can help them is to stop writing about them in the publications? And why is the Sheriff DiBasilio listening in on these calls???

   Why is the current District Attorney supporting the corruption?  Why is the District Attorney protecting dirty cops?

   Why is the 'good ol boy' system still allowed to control Calaveras County? We hear that things are getting worse and worse!  This cannot go one?



Anonymous said...

What are they hiding? You have no idea what has gone one in that department for years and years.

Anonymous said...

This Sheriff is appointed not elected and we do have the power to not elect him in the next election. He is supporting militia tactics. The recent meeting in Copperopolis.

Quote, Marijuana does not belong in Calaveras County but, if voters allow it to remain, should be taxed to help pay for government services including law enforcement, Sheriff Rick DiBasilio said during a town hall meeting Thursday night in Copperopolis.

Doug Rockey stood and told the crowd, “You are a militia in this room. You are fighting for your community.”

This crop has been here for 30 years and the Sherrif has not been able to enforce anything. What makes these idiots think a ban will change anything. Regulations will help the worried people because it will provide funds for enforcement.

Vote this guy out. He is just a pawn

Anonymous said...

Puppet to his handler. Wake up Calaveras and vote this guy out along with his buddy Mike Oliveira

Anonymous said...

Current sheriff has admitted to smoking the heck out of pot when younger. Good luck getting elected1 Only an appointed goon making false statements, not familiar with civil code and he just loves all the attention. Go back to patrol and give it up. You are not suited as a sheriff just a beat cop

Anonymous said...

Is that true about the pot? And now he's judging the industry?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true. He has friends that are respectable mechanics or construction techs in Avery who he was hanging out with for years when younger and they all were puffing away. Turncoat