Friday, August 26, 2016

Civility is GONE!! Governor LePage proves it! Calaveras too!

   Governor LePage, a Trump supporter in Maine, left a profanity laced voice-mail for a Democratic state lawmaker which made CNN's news around noon today.

   He called him filthy names in response to the lawmaker calling him a racist, including saying "I'm after you!"  There is no civility in government or private life these days, it seems. LePage is famous for his racially charged outlandish statements.

   Donald Trump is allowing, no encouraging this ranting, insane and racially toned discourse throughout our country.  These creeps threaten not only blacks, but women and anyone who disagrees with their sick beliefs.

   The same low-life creeps have come out from under their rocks and bridges to spread their scum ideas even in Calaveras County.  Don't believe it?  Ask to see some of our comments!

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember that civility movement in the county? Seems like it only made people angry and they talk worse now.