Sunday, September 25, 2016

City of Angels Camp choices for vacant council seat

   At their September 20, 2016 City Council meeting the City of Angels Camp had three people who applied for the one vacant seat.

   Mike Darby, a local man,  was woefully unprepared to answer questions put to him by current council members. He complained that water and sewer rates and too high and said that he lives on very little income. He also stated he is for property rights and that he doesn't like the UN policy of environmental laws.

   Lori White said that the problems with money for the City lies with the older people who have used Prop 13 to stay in their homes forever and pay low taxes.  She also said the first thing she would do is go talk to the 'movers and shakers', the large property owners in town.

   In the middle was Veronica Metildi, who is a local business woman in the downtown area, and stated she wants to help small business and likes tourism because they spend their money here and leave.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget, metildi is a handpicked forrest and DAC lover.

Anonymous said...

She seems nice tho