Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Edson against First Amendment rights?? Or BULLY Calaveras Supervisor??

Calaveras Supervisor Edson
needs to go back to washing
dishes and clearing tables!!!
   On September 27, 2016 before the Calaveras Supervisors meeting even started, Supervisor (BULLY) Edson went on TV to proclaim how horrible a person was who wrote the "B" word about a county employee.

   Of course, Edson has done nothing to stop the death threats and sexual predator threats other women have received. Now we find out WHY he made the
announcement he did.

  It had nothing to do with caring about a county employee, it turns out.  The truth is, he is angry because that person is supporting Gary Tofanelli, his opponent in the upcoming election!

     BULLY Edson has got to go!   He uses his position on the Board to campaign, to BULLY others, to try and embarrass others who oppose him as Supervisor!! He doesn't give a fig about First Amendment Rights or insults to county employees.

  BULLY Edson only cares about himself. Calaveras County needs better than this! NO on BULLY Edson!

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