Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Freedom of Speech in Calaveras?

   Dear sierrasentinel.com editor:

   I just read your article about Supervisor Edson, who I believe should be removed from office anyway, where he says someone wrote or said something profane
to a county employee.

   Freedom of Speech is in our Constitution as the First and most important right. Mr. Edson does not believe in this right, except as is applies to his mouth.

   Calaveras county has long been known as a bunch of elected hicks, who only care about themselves, but now it seems they have overstepped.  Do you know who it was? Will they make it public now that Mr. Edson has publicly criticized this person.

   Some men I know, specifically, may use bad language (look at Donald Trump). While I don't care for it, they do have rights.

   This is just another reason to get rid of Edson. Thank you.

   D1 resident

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