Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Alice Montgomery says son "COLD COCKED"

    Alice Montgomery, bigly supported of Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira, got up during Public Comments to tell the public that her son had been "COLD COCKED" by a girl.

     Odd, but makes sense. Montgomery used to own Cedar Center, a small, older shopping center in Arnold.  She also said she wants to promote extending the Urgency Ordinance.

  When she was done, she was told this was agendized, (as if she didn't know), and that she could talk about it then.

   Then Montgomery said "Oh, you mean about 5 o'clock tonight?" Since she is a close friend of Oliveiras, we feel that she did it intentionally, to avoid the RULES!!


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. I heard that woman bad mouthing pot and the urgency ordinance, just like mcAnus. What's going on? I do not trust her!!

Anonymous said...

lol, lol