Thursday, March 2, 2017

AG Sessions LIED to Congress: met with Russians? Obama protects Intel from Trump!!!

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions
as our top law enforcement
in the US?? Good example!!
   On the day after the Trump gang was planning to gloat over the success of his speech to a joint session of Congress, all hell broke loose!

   It turns out that it was leaked that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions denied ever talking
to the Russians during the Trump campaign. Sessions was one of Trumps bigly supporters.

   When challenged, first Sessions said he didn't remember what he talked about with the Russian Ambassador and then changed that to 'we didn't talk about the campaign'! 

  Then another leak came out that President Obama was so concerned that all the intelligence regarding Russia and the Trump people would be destroyed that he had staff protect it and duplicate

   Something like that is only done, we understand, when a President thinks the countray is in jeopardy.  Thank you President Obama!!!

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