Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rachel Maddow connects Trump with Russia financially

   Rachel Maddow, who has her own show on MSNBC, was the journalist to finally break the code of connection; Trump and the Kremlin.

   For one thing, it turns out that Wilbur Ross, just confirmed for Commerce Secretary,
is one of the principals of the Bank of Cypress, well-known as a Russian financial link.

   Dimitry Rybolevlev, the King of Fertilizer in Russian, bought a mansion that was then torn down,
from Trump for $95 million in Florida.  It is said that he was trying to hide money from his wife who is divorcing him.  The tie is with Wilber Ross!! 

   Since Trump refused to release his tax records, its very likely that this is something he wants to hide.  Rachel Maddow does her homework and is amazing!!

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Anonymous said...

Get that filthy pig out of office