Monday, March 13, 2017

Conway: Microwaves SPY on Trump??

When the light is on, the White House
can see you and hear you!!!
Be careful!!
   Yesterday morning Kellyanne Conway (one of Trumps favs) told CNN that microwaves could be used when asked for evidence of President Obama wiretapping Trump at the tower.

   Microwaves??  Better throw them all out!  They are most likely the most spy-worthy tools ever, huh Kellyanne???  This woman is just as nuts as her boss???


Anonymous said...

How would she, of all people, know?? What a huge awful mess this country has been thrust into just because some people "wanted a change" well, a change you have got and we will be paying for this awfulness for years to come. Thank you so much for your IGNORANCE!!

Anonymous said...

What do yu mean? They just wanted to make America wh.., I mean great again, right?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely!!! Are 4 years up yet??