Monday, March 13, 2017

Grape BAN coming soon in Calaveras County!

   People who grow grapes for commercial reasons are very concerned over the new wave of concern about booze being so harmful to our county.  BOOZE is a great danger to society, and especially in Calaveras.

   A BAN on grape growing for commercial purposes is in the works. Grapes, not only stink to high heaven when being processed, but are turned into BOOZE to poison our youth, which leads them to alcoholism. 

   Some are wondering why a commercial booze (grape) grower would put a giant sign to support a cannabis ban when HE is NEXT???  Does he believe that allowing cannabis will hurt his BOOZE business???  


Anonymous said...

Not srprsing. It was the church people who caused prohibition in the first they're doing it again.

Anonymous said...

I'd be in favor of a booze ban. It kills your insides. I think cannabis is better.

Anonymous said...

lol..good idea!