Saturday, March 18, 2017

Navy and Marine sex scandal finally revealed!!! Throw MORE money at military???

   After years of investigation and appearances of a cover-up, more Naval and Marine officers, including Admirals, have been charged with bribery and sexcapades
in Manila.

   In fact, in the charges against now retired Admiral Loveless, it reports that they had a big sex party in the General MacArthur suite at the Manila Hotel and that items of MacArthurs were apparently used in sexual perversions. 

   There are around 30 now involved in prosecutions involving bribery by a Phillipine businessman to bring the Navy to his port to give him more business.

   And now Trump wants to throw 100's of billions more of our tax dollars at the military??  Shows where his values are, as if we didn't already know!!

   The scandal involving nude photos of female Marines is still heating up, with no arrests so far!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! Is this the bribery case? It figures trump will encourage this.