Saturday, March 18, 2017

Why do deputies leave Calaveras Sheriff???

  Nearly every Calaveras Supervisors meeting whether temporary Sheriff debasio or his co-hort captain Macedo are at the podium complaining that they can't keep deputies.

   The fact is, after doing some checking, we believe they can't keep GOOD, HONEST deputies.  Only those  willing to go along with what we've personally seen as sick corruption within the department are willing to stay. The good ones go somewhere else. Sad, but true!

   Many who left wouldn't even discuss with us how bad it was in Calaveras. They just want out. Who can blame them!

   Now the county suggests an exit person to try and get reasons out of ex-employees as to why they leave. We don't think they will get the truth or that they really want to know.


Anonymous said...

how come there is so much greed and CORRUPTION in Calaveras County Government? Somebody turn the fan on, the stench is worse than the grows!

Anonymous said...

A true reason to why they leave.......they come from out of the area, put in their years worth of time on the job getting experience and then get on out of the area for higher pay. True reason. The ones they are wanting to hire are those that have lived here, come back and are here to stay. Same with any low pay dept. GEEZ!